• I'm new! What do I do?

    I'm new! What do I do?

    Bristol is a fantastic, vibrant city with lots of creative culture, places to see, people to meet and stuff to do.

    If you're making time to be part of a church, we'd expect that's not because you had nothing else to do. If you want to join us in following Jesus and working out what it means to live on mission with him, we'd love to help you get settled in.

  • Where we live

    Where we live

    Life where we are right now can look more than a bit complicated.

    How does our faith fit in? Is it just for a part of life, or is it something which shapes the whole thing and can't be contained in compartment?

  • It's all about Jesus

    It's all about Jesus

    We believe we know what full life is because of Jesus, the man who claimed to be God.

    If that is true, then what Jesus says can change everything about how we think, feel and live our lives. This is a big challenge, but it's worth asking the big question - who do you think Jesus is?

  • If you're new to Bristol, or just new to church, we can help
  • Real faith = whole of life, and that's big
  • One couple's experience of the power of marriage
  • The man who claimed to be God

Real faith = whole of life

We believe in a God who wants us to have life in all its fullness.

That means faith is the foundation of our work, home, families, communities, education - everything for us. We want to live the whole of our lives God's way.

Jesus showed that a full life with full-on faith can't be contained by a building or boundaries between people. It's for everyone, and you're invited.

Some of the places we spend our time:

Family and community

This includes the people we live closest to right now, the people will always be related to and the people we are in touch with who have built community relationships around where they are or what they like doing.


The relationships we form in education can be some of the most important in our whole lives, shaping who we are and how we see the world forever.


If we are working, the chances are that this takes up most of our waking lives! Colleagues will get to know us over a long time, see what we are like under pressure, and see a lot of our character. The kind of faith we show at work reveals who we really are.


In a city like ours, we are never far from people who, for lots of possible reasons, are on the margins of communities rather than fully embedded. It might be that forming relationships is hard, or that something has gone wrong.

Read more about how we see the importance of faith to the whole of life.

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Contact Us

  • SS Philip & Jacob Church
    (Pip n Jay), Tower Hill, Bristol BS2 0ET map
  • 0117 929 3386

Our Sunday gatherings are at 10.30am (including children's activities) and 6.30pm (every week except Easter Sunday).

Pip n Jay Church is led by Revd Tim Silk.

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