• Mission 100 ideas

    Mission 100 ideas

    Mission 100 is Pip n Jay's aim to send 100 people on a wide range of short term mission events in 2013.

    You can read all about it, and how you can take part, in this introduction leaflet and read Tim Silk and Andy Stansbury on why we are doing this here.

  • Fasting the Fear of Man- Part 2

    Fasting the Fear of Man- Part 2

    So we are a couple of weeks into lent and i can say that fasting the fear of man is one of the hardest fasts of anything i've ever done. What i am realising that my default setting is simply not to hear and obey the promptings of the Spirit. Slightly obviously it in this that I feel like the Lord is most getting my attention....

  • Slightly tongue in cheek....

    Lent - What are you fasting?

    So, are you giving up or taking anything on for Lent? It's not to late!

    Lent does not always get a great press amongst Christians or otherwise...some see it as christians stopping things they probably shouldn't do normally (I always remember mentoring a student who once gave up masturbation for lent...none of the current crop at Pip n Jay i should add), or taking on a discipline they should be doing normally, like reading the bible everyday. Now whilst those who would critique this probably do have point, surely we also have to acknowledge that lent is a season of preparation. As Jesus fasted in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights, so the church abstains or takes on something that will better prepare us for a life on mission with Jesus, where we are actually growing disciples and churches (and in the examples sited above actually those disciplines hopefully would bring fruit in terms on-going change beyond lent). What am I giving up? Well with the view to permanent change i'm giving up the fear of man.....

  • This is what an evangelist looks like

    This is what an evangelist looks like

    The word evangelism, has certain connotations, it illicit's a spectrum of emotions and they are not always positive. When Christians think of evangelism and evangelists I wonder what springs to mind? What is the internal response? Anything from guilt, to a desire to abdicate responsibility (under the guise of being a "witness...."), or a resentment or cynicism. Or maybe there is relief at the idea of the evangelist, because perhaps we can get them to do the work for us..... Ok that maybe a little hard on the church, but there is often a reticence towards the idea of being a herald of the good news (which is a direct translation of the word evangelist). Now the guy in the picture above, is a chap called Ronan, and what is interesting about him is that he is a self confessed evangelist who is also scared of evangelism.

  • Pioneering with Beryl

    Pioneering with Beryl

    Every wednesday afternoon I go out 'pioneering' with a friend, to protect her identity i will call her Beryl, Beryl Woody-combe. Now pioneering is a bit of a grand term but it basically means we go out trying to introduce people to Jesus, in the hope that they will come to know him, and so they can introduce Him to their friends.

    Before going Beryl and I pray. As we prayed before our inaugural pioneer adventure we felt the Lord show us St Philips, St George and Kingswood as a seam that he wanted us to invest in. So for the last 2 weeks we've been in Kingswood, which has been both challenging and inspiring.....

  • Ways you can get involved right now
  • 100 people on short term mission events in 2013
  • Dealing with the fear of man
  • Prayer and practice in the missionary life
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